New Designs…

If you have visited our Etsy store, A Family Affair Boutique, you know that we have lots of shirts to choose from.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve been there, do you know we have added about 70 new designs?  The vast majority of these cater to back-to-school, for both the student and the staff.  A few sports related designs were also added.

If you’ve never visited out Etsy store, I encourage you to do so. We have 20 categories of shirt styles and designs to choose from. We also do custom orders. If we can’t do the design you want, we will let you know. 

Still chugging along…

We’re still working on learning how to use WordPress, so please hang in there with me.  I want to make sure that I get everything just like I want it, which may take forever.  lol

Other news…pictures from the 2018 Lexington Comic Book and Toy Convention are done…now to edit the pages for them and upload everything to the site.  There will several photos uploaded to our Photo Albums as well.  Then it’s on to getting ready for this year’s ScareFest in September.

Also, new designs are in the works to be added to A Family Affair Boutique.  School will be starting soon, and we are working on designs not only for the kids, but for the teachers as well.

Thanks for stopping by.  See ya soon.

Change is a good thing, right?

Here at Sharry’s Place we are in the process of learning how to use WordPress.  So far it’s been really interesting, but mind boggling for this old lady.  🙂  It is our hope that this new blog will eventually replace our “old” blog at  Please bear with us as we learn “new tricks” and hope you will come back often.