I am an amateur photographer, and enjoy taking my camera with me wherever I go. No matter the subject, whether it be animals, outdoor scenery, or the sites and sounds of a horror film or comic book convention, it's fascinating to see what can be found through the lense of a camera. Life is worth sharing even if it's on film.

Twice a year my son and I attend conventions focused on the comic book and horror film world. In March we attend the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention, and in September it's the ScareFest Horror & Parnormal Convention. Our adventures are chronicled in my Pop Culture section.

Road trips are getting fewer and farther apart, but I still try to take my camera with me wherever I go. Life is so full of beautiful sights, and I love trying to share what I see with others.

Enjoy your visit as you catch a glimpse of life "the way I see it".



2017 Lexington ComicCon: 344 New Pictures