I am an amateur photographer, and enjoy taking my camera with me wherever I go. Life is so full of beautiful sights, and I love trying to share what I see with others. No matter the subject, whether it be animals, outdoor scenery, or the sites and sounds of a horror film or comic book convention, it's fascinating to see what can be found through the lense of a camera.

As you can see on the above menu, my photographs are divided into 3 main categories which I feel are pretty self-explanatory. The Photo Albums are divided up into two sections: Albums 1-9 and Albums 10-18. The Pop Culture photos feature conventions I attend. The Road Trips contain photos from various excursions I've been on. Also, please visit the various links we have listed in our Links section..

Life is so worth sharing even if it's on film. Enjoy your visit as you catch a glimpse of life "the way I see it".



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